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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Done Waiting

I officially had enough waiting, can't he come home now? Isn't 7 months going on 8 long enough? I always wanted him to come home but as of today I have this deep feeling that I just want him now. I am done with the waiting and I wish it was November or January already (depending when he comes home officially there are rumors). I've had my fill of him being away. I am not sure what triggered this in me. Since January 3rd I have been so strong and upbeat about his deployment, sure I missed him a lot and had a few rough spots but now I want him back. Skype has been great and a lifesaver but it doesn't always do justice. Skpye is great but such a tease and hurts to say good bye. Why can’t we just pull them through the computer or jump through to their end!?  Mostly now it's just catch up from what we have been up to, and nothing more. Maybe a few jokes here and there but I would like to talk to him not in the cyber world. I miss having actual conversations at the spur of the moment, sharing random jokes, having him next to me at night, feeling his warmth and to know that I'm loved. Maybe I'm being stubborn or it's the after mid - deployment blues. Everyone says oh it's all downhill from here who aren't in the situation. Really? I find that hard to believe. Because now it seems like it's longer and harder. HELP!

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