Forget the shiny armor, I'm loving my hero in his DIRTY CAMO'S.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I've come to realize through this deployment I've learned that you go through stages. I am now getting through month 9 and I cannot wait for him to come home. 

1. Depression: You start to feel alone in this and just want to be with nobody but him. You cry almost every night and sleeping in bed without him just isn't the same. You think nobody understands you and just want to be alone. 
2. Numb: You feel like you're starting to get used to him not being around and keeping busy is a great thing and you don't cry as much but you still miss him like crazy. 
3. Middle of Deployment: Very absorbed in staying busy and keeping positive! You only cry once in a while but it's natural. 
4. So Close Yet So Far: EXCITEMENT AND WOW WOW WOW it's coming to an end! (where I am now)


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